Well, it’s been pretty silent around these here parts, hasn’t it?

Truth is, I’m not the best blogger, but I do a bit of Instagramming and lots on Facebook. So, in the mean time, until I do a catch up, join me over there!

I’ll be catching up with y’all toute suite!



If you know me, you know I’m not much of a blog hop person. I love the hopping but don’t get into the doing so much…..so I’m quite shocked at myself that I entered one! Big thanks to the hostess, my friend Diana Ptaszynski!

It’s a fair assessment to say that waxed linen is a staple for me. In fact, I would say I use it in about 75% of all my designs. I love the feel it lends to my particular style. I love it’s durability and I love the feel and flexibility it lends to pieces. I first learned about it when I used to do quite of bit of book binding, because my favorite bookbinding stitch uses it quite often. When I began making jewelry it was like a whole different world opened up with its use! In fact, the very first necklace I ever sold on Etsy years ago was with waxed linen!


This is the very first piece of jewelry I ever sold! Strung with waxed linen!

For the blog hop, I’ve really been wanting to figure out a way to use these African Vulcanite beads I picked up awhile back. I haven’t been able to work them into the right design quite yet….to be honest, they are testing my patience….I’ve ripped apart just about everything I’ve made with them so far! I really like the way this necklace came together but now the seeds beads are annoying me in this piece, so it may yet get a redo!


I wanted something simple and light and wearable for everyday that I could also layer with longer pieces….I’m all about long pieces these days…..so I used a petite feather charm from Green Girl Studios…On the back it says, “To thine own self be true”….. I spaced the vulcanite sections….They have a tendency not to be very flexible if you put too many together.


Then I added 6/0 picasso finished czech beads and some brass cubes for the shorter section. It’s okay, but I think I’ll be reworking that strand soon.



One of my favorite things about waxed linen is finishing it off and adding little  dangles using the tail! I love switching them up and I think it add just a little something extra!

Have fun hopping!

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I’m so sorry at a lack of new work to share with you but I did finish this piece, which I’m immensely proud of….


I started it last June and just finished it about a week ago….it took me awhile to work it out in the web of my brain….and make it work on paper. so here it is…If you want to see the whole creation of it, please look at the post on LMAJ….

But I also want to tell you a bit about it…

I buy alot of my metals from estate sales…these pieces not excluded. I love buying vintage copper stampings. Quite frankly, they just don’t make 18g copper stampings anymore…I mean, you can get the standard shapes but I bought these from an estate…and try buying 18g copper stamping now…it’s either impossible or stupid expensive for copper. but 18g. is my metal mistress. There is a heaviness to 18g. metal, I cannot deny…

So, I had this copper frontice you see now…I had 3 pieces which I stamped, and henceforth did some sawwork on….and they were left by the wayside, while in the meantime, I had a huge leg wound to heal from…I also thought they needed more of something.

So about 2 weeks ago, I woke up, carved out a middle piece from a vintage blue vinyl Elvis record…sawed the back from brass…held my breath to set the rivets, because I handset all my rivets…and there it is…..something that took me the better part of a year to finish…but in my book…worth it….


Getting back to Florida and settling back into something of a routine….my brain seems to be racing constantly….I’m mentally making lists of all the things that need to be done…the things left undone before we left in June….THEN, while at Target picking up a few things, I wandered past the Christmas lights….and that pretty much put me over the edge. Wasn’t it just June?! The freak-out has started in my brain….it really couldn’t have been avoided but since I’m already feeling like I just crawled out from under a rock….WELL….

So, I dug in this week and started designing, first some of the new pieces I showed you earlier this week, then into some more affordable pieces. A few months ago, I was on the receiving end of a large cache of dilapidated malas that came from a sale. They were in a large box of other jewelry supplies and were stuffed into a big ziploc that I thought was mostly junk but I gone through to be sure. To my delight, I rescued them before in a mad cleaning rage, I dumped the whole bag in the garbage.

mala  mala2




I decided on these simple bracelets. Each one features the original wooden mala beads, along with one special bead. These beads are special beads I’ve been saving. Some are my own polymer clay beads, some are special beads I’ve been saving from other artists. Some are beautiful orphans from stone or shell, and some are really lovely vintage beads. I’ve finished them all with a special copper tag that I’ve hand stamped with positive messages or words. By adding these accents and reworking these tattered malas, I hope they will continue into a new life as simple wearable reminder to the wearer.





Oh, and I also finished up these beads this week. This is actually a style I started working on last year(!) but was never happy with the finish. There was something…missing….but I’m glad I finally worked through them. They might be some of my favorite to date.






All these have been listed in my shop if you’d like to help me buy cat food….





I finally sat down today to start on some new jewelry. Long overdue. And since my most recent batches of beads…I’ve been trying to hold some back for some making….so here’s some eye candy from today….


Carved nugget, pebbles (on the dangle), and copper elements by me, big sky blue round by Suburban Girl Studios, and african krobos glass, along with some beads that Kate Richbourg sent me with my last bead soup.


detail of the carved and my handmade bits…..


Variation with the hand forged copper bits…More Suburban Girl Studio rounds (that girl kicks major ass), amazonite, czech & indonesian glass, waxed linen, and one of my gypsy coin charms…..




wearing and declaring!


total shot. czech glass, dyed tiny jasper, dyed agate, picasso seed beads. hand forged copper and polymer clay detail charm.


hand made copper ear wires, my own antiqued copper twisted wire, and hand made copper chevron axe blade charms.

All the new pieces are for sale in my shop.

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