Good Morning friends!  I’m here ready with my goodies! A big thank you to Lori Anderson for putting this big party together! It is always such a joy and fun thing to swap for and after sitting the last one out, I was so glad I could participate in this one!

Just to catch you up if you’re new here and missed out, my partner was Kate Richbourg and she sent me some stunning goodies!


Kate sent me several beautiful sterling clasps with what I believe are gorgeous cut glass settings. I’m not used to working with such beautiful clasps so these were first on the priority list to include.


Many of the beads that Kate included were HUGE gemstones,large enough to be there own focals really, but what’s that saying? “Go big or go home?” Yes, I just decided I was going to use my favorites all in one necklace. I had the inspiration for a very large, heavy multistrand necklace that would be a summertime staple for me since I wear a lot of plain shifts and dresses living here in Florida. I felt like this type of piece would be great to throw on over something very plain and make a bold opulent statement. Here, you can see I some seed beads and crackle acai beads combined with the luscious gemstone ovals, darker rondelles, and the coral sticks added around those large oblong lovelies….


Also those lovely coral colored barrel shaped lovelies (anyone know what those are??? I must have more of those!!!!)


Here it is on my model….


And here is the whole she-bang! LOVE!

BSBP7fThis is the other clasp….I knew right away this was going to be a bracelet! The clasp almost looks like coal with aqua and gold highlights so I used the silver cut seeds that Kate sent me along with some brass square and did some knotting……

BSBP7gadded some amazonite rounds along with that hollow silver and two gorgeous turquoise beads that Kate included….

BSBP7hand VOILA!!!

BSBP7iI’ve been wearing this baby nonstop since I made it! It’s my favorite! Also, you can see I’ve been learning Mehandi (Henna) with a friend and we’ve been using each other as canvas……

Hope you enjoyed! Since Kate and I are both posting late we’re not on the list for the 3rd reveal so go here to see all the others who are posting today…and be sure to stop by Kate’s blog to see what I sent her and what she made!

Also, to comment on my post you want to click here! I’d love to hear from you!


15 Responses to Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!!!

  1. staci smith says:

    Love them both…those clasps are amazing. The large barells look like carnelian…I think I have a few of them myself. Really love that bracelet and your henna is cool too!

  2. Cynthia@OrnamentalStyle says:

    Fantastic pieces. I agree that statement necklaces rock and can totally make an outfit.

  3. Merja says:

    Very nice! That gorgeous necklace can certainly make a statement.

  4. Alenka says:

    Beautiful pieces and the clasps are really particular!!! The necklace will be really great with some summery plain outfit.

  5. Kristin Oppold says:

    I love the clasps on your pieces. Lovely use of your beads!!!!!

  6. Linda Younkman says:

    Love both pieces. That clasp is spectacular. The henna looks like fun!

  7. nan says:

    your soup was lovely and your creations are gorgeous, love those clasps.

  8. Malin de Koning says:

    Such beautiful pieces Barbara. They both have an “of course” quality to them. Perfection. I love the clasps you were given, and all the gorgeous gemstones you were using.

  9. CraftyHope says:

    Both of your designs are really lovely, but I’m with you and that bracelet is to die for! I’d be wearing it all the time too. :)

  10. Cris says:

    Just beautiful!!

  11. Lesley says:


  12. Jenny says:

    Beautiful pieces, I really love the bracelet!!

  13. Rebecca Anderson says:

    Beautiful! I can just see you in your cool summer finery, wearing the red necklace. So organic and tactile, I love it. And the colours of the bracelet are just lovely! It looks really fab with your henna designs.

  14. Lori Anderson says:

    Are those barrels sardonyx?

    You did a lovely job (I’m all about go big or go home!) and the bracelet is very you. I wish I were there so you could paint my aching hands — I’d bet that would make them feel better.

  15. Silke says:

    Great designs, wonderful color combinations. Perfect work!

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